It’s great when you get to do something you’re passionate about every day. Daniel Roemer and Lars Johansen know this well, and in 2016, they started what was to be one of the most talked about speaker companies in audio. Daniel has been working in audio for about 25 years. He started the corporate technology advanced research group that has been crucial in applying new methods of measuring and modeling acoustical and mechanical systems for several high-end speaker companies. Daniel still consults with many companies in high-end audio and car audio. Lars has also been in the business for a long time. Since the 80s, he has worked at several high-end speaker companies like JBL, Jamo, and M&K. After years of improving products for their companies, Daniel and Lars decided to start their own speaker company, and Perlisten was born.

Flagship Series Speakers

The Perlisten S7t Tower Speaker is an all-out assault on speaker design, bringing all of Perlisten’s knowledge into a flagship product that looks the part of a flagship and uses some unconventional approaches to speaker design. There is nothing new about a slim and tall tower speaker in today’s world, but looking between the lines will show you exactly how these speakers are unlike most on the market.

While the S7t is the line’s flagship, all of the S-Series models incorporate the same technology design, so you can be assured that you will get a flagship product whether you choose the S7t or S4b Bookshelf Speakers.

Perlisten’s view is that they want people to have the S-Series flagship experience, whether their room is a commercial theater-sized room or a small living room. The only thing changing as you go up the line to the larger models is the bass ability in larger rooms, and in the case of the S7t and S5m Monitor Speakers, the ability to choose a bass-reflex or acoustic suspension enclosure tuning.