Officina Acustica. The world’s best performance AV interiors for home and studio

At Officina Acustica we believe that interior design and technical performance must go hand in hand, with neither being compromised. Officina Acustica’s unique system does not separate the interior design and acoustics – we design and build our systems to look and feel incredible, to always be human centric, with the very clever acoustics being built into the room’s construction.
Our acoustics work broadband. This means that unlike many ‘acoustically treated’ rooms that end up sounding unpleasently dead and boomy, our rooms are amazing places for audio quality, and also amazing places just to peacefullly chill out in.

Rather than involve an Acoustician, acoustic treatment supplier, joinery contractor, stretched fabric contractor, furniture supplier and specialist finish companies, Officina Acustica pre-builds the room interior in Italy as a turnkey solution to be a modular, simple, fast and predictable build on site. Unlike conventional stretched fabric systems that exist to hide ugly conventional acoustic treatment products, our peerless acoustic technology is part of our Acoustic Interior Design™ methodology.

Every room is different. With a limitless colour palette, and almost limitless range of looks, materials and finishes, an Officina Acustica build allows the entire team to realise their visions. You think design, we handle the acoustics. Simple.

We build interiors for private cinemas, screening rooms, mastering studios, music practice rooms and family media rooms.
Officina Acustica sells exclusively through our global network of dealers who can also provide the technical package (Speakers, electronics, display etc) that completes the experience.