Bring music and movies to life with KEF HiFi Speakers. Our passion for perfection means every word, every note is delivered with a precision that takes you right into the heart of the performance.

We’re committed to ‘sound before all else’, and have introduced the ground-breaking use of Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) in speaker design, which was awarded the ‘Innovation of the Year’ by What Hi-Fi? Awards 2020. This is a revolutionary tool in our acoustic armoury. MAT aborbs 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver. MAT, and the technology that we continue to develop, allows us to design new ranges of revolutionary products including our LS50 Collection and LS60 Wireless, KEF’s first active floor-standing speaker released in celebration of our 60th anniversary. It combines all our key technologies with the conveniences of digital, embodying our vision of High-Fidelity sound for the future.

The introduction of Uni-Core technology on our KC62 subwoofer in 2021 created a completely new take on subwoofer designs by redefining the physical space required for high-performance speakers and subwoofers. Our Uni-Core technology combines both drivers into a single motor system, which allows cabinet size to be reduced by over a third, and also increases excursion to unlock exceptional output and depth.