Kaleidescape is the only digital provider of movies with lossless audio and full reference video quality. We provide the highest quality content you can watch at home!

Kaleidescape elevates every component in your theater.

  • Our lossless audio makes your processor, amplifier, and speakers sound better.
  • Our reference video makes your projector, screen, and TV look better.
  • Our metadata triggers your lighting, shades, and seating to make the movie experience better

The Kaleidescape movie store has 14,000 titles, 1,700 titles in 4K, and over 700 4K movies not released on disc – more 4K movies with lossless audio than anyone else, with studio-quality curation and a personalized cinematic experience.

Kaleidescape movies are downloaded to a Kaleidescape server in your home and played back on Kaleidescape players throughout your home.

The best way to experience the difference is with a Kaleidescape demo. Let me show you.